I learned to make ornaments fast when I was producing for the craft fair market. I needed a precision parting tool I could count on. One that would make the delicate cuts I needed to with predictability and control. The Microburst Parting Tool was designed to execute all these detail cuts needed for precision assembly of the most delicate turned ornaments. With a blade width of only 35 thousandths of an inch It is the most narrow of all parting tools on the market. Made from the same steel as a flex back band blade it will hold a keen edge and its spear point tip is a breeze to refresh on the grinding wheel.

The tool is much safer than parting tools made of high-speed steel do to its unique ability to bend rather than shatter if caught in a bind. The unique handle is shaped so it fits the palm of the hand perfectly so the index finger can be used to stabilize the blade. By placing the pointed index finger along the side of the blade, the control needed to make those micro fine cuts becomes precise and positive. Ergonomically the tool is a joy to hold and can be used to execute V cuts, parting details, relief cuts or any precision cut that is not easily accomplished with any other tool.