Every good tool has a heart and a soul. The heart of the lightning hollower is, without a doubt, the solid brass laser head. It's an elegant zero zero-fit, no backlash X Y axis adjuster for the laser. One of the frustrations I had in my quest for the perfect hollowing system was the fact that sloppy trial and error laser adjustment had become an acceptable standard. This however was not acceptable to me. I realized, early on, that adjusting the laser needed to be a simple, yet extremely precise task and when an ultra thin consistent wall thickness is at stake you don't want to be concerned with instability in the laser or in what adjusts it.

I wanted a tool that moves the laser with, set it and forget it, accuracy so your laser-point is placed precisely and confidently where you need it. You are then free place your focus where it should be. Creating the finest turned wood hollow-form you can conceive. The adjuster is unique in that it uses two friction fit lead screws to move the laser. The mechanism is tight enough to stay were you dial it but feels so smooth you will think you are adjusting a cloud.
The adjuster when purchased by its self is supplied with an 8-inch square steel stub so you can adapt it to almost any system you have, simply drill some holes or hose clamp it to your existing system.


$100.00 When purchased separately from the Lighting Hollower system.